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Our main mission is to create high quality work meeting most recent standards. We will create project on time and on budget.


Django framework

We are focusing on complex, maintainable, scalable and high traffic Django applications with the creativity in mind. Each project is developed by using best practises and proper CI/CD.

Django REST Framework

Nowadays REST API is basic communication channel between services. We are able to develop full fledged API with proper serializers, documentation and API test cases.

Serverless / AWS Lambda

With the AWS Lambda you can stop caring about server administration. Just upload the code and you are ready to go.

React user interfaces

We create interactive user interfaces with the widely used React. It takes application to the next level and the integration with Django REST Framework is seamless.

Web design and UX

We are able to simplify customer's product interactions with high quality and friendly webdesign for delightful user experience.


Kam idú eurofondy

Django website displaying detailed information about EU funds in Slovak Republic.

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Easy to use new types of numeric filters into Django admin which allows you to filter numeric values in multiple ways like by using input fields or sliders.

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Display Django admin custom actions in change list, change form or per row in change list. All configurations and actions are implemented in admin class.

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Clean & minimal theme for Django admin. Works without breaking existing configurations. Application adds custom CSS styles overriding defaults which changed overall admin's look & feel.

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Very simple Django middleware redirecting all URL addresses containging www to non-www version.

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Loading custom Django admin site

It is very easy to create an administration section for the website by implementing a few lines of code. Adding the new app into INSTALLED_APPS list, registering custom models and you are ready to go with full-fledged administration. But in most cases, it is needed to add at least a bit of custom code.

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Configuring custom AWS S3 storage backends in django-storages

In the article, we will show how to configure custom storage backends in the django-storages package with the AWS S3. We will have one S3 bucket containing the project’s static files, media and private files that are not going to be publicly accessible.

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Implementation of enumeration classes in Django models

In official Django documentation, you can read how to use choices for a field. In general, they recommend using the predefined list of values in the class. To make our models a little bit more straightforward we can move predefined options into native Python enumerations. Enumerations (Python 3.4+) are a set of unique values.

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